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Ken Coley

Professor, Associate Dean of Engineering B.Sc.(Strathlyde) Ph,D., D.I.C. (Imperial College) MIM.JHE A214
Phone: (905) 525-9140 ex. 24503 Website: Steel Research Centre
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Research Areas Include:
  • Kinetics and Thermodynamics of High Temperature Reactions in Materials Processing and Service.

Current Activities:

  • Iron and Steelmaking including: removal of residual elements from steel (See AISI web site), control of phosphorus and sulphur via slag metal reactions; reduction of oxides from slags; removal of residual elements from steel and kinetics of dissolution of refractory oxides in slags.
  • High Temperature Corrosion including: High temperature corrosion of engineering ceramics in combustion atmospheres; corrosion of engineering ceramics by liquid metals and fluxes; and the relative rates of competing chemical reactions in simultaneous oxidation sulphidation of metals.
  • Additional interests: Attack of refractories by mould fluxes; transport properties of mould fluxes; and development and manufacture of novel refractory compositions in non ferrous extraction, alloy thermodynamics, carbothermic reduction of complex ores and high temperature corrosion of metals.
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